Prospect North Primary School

Prospect North School uses Flying Start to Literacy and became a pilot school in  2010. Classroom teachers have their say:

Mal Cameron:

Being levelled means that I can have one guided reading group working at their instructional level with me, the teacher, while another group reads very successfully and independently four levels below their instructional level.

Having paired books, fiction and non-fiction, is invaluable. Students at the beginning reading stage do not get enough exposure to non-fiction texts and this program helps to address this. 

Also, reading the non-fiction text first gives the students the vocabulary and context they need to engage fully with the fiction text. The fiction text is also a second check point that the students understand the vocabulary and context, as well as checking that they can transfer information from one context to another. Excellent!

Carol Berryman: 

I use most of the ideas from the Flying Start Lesson Plans especially comprehension, writing, word work, developing fluency and the blackline masters.

Brooke Edwards:

I have found the Flying Start to Literacy guided reading material particularly useful for School Services Officers to use with students. The Lesson Plans with their blackline masters and activity cards support the Flying Start to Literacy books, and are a very comprehensive and well-structured resource. They provide both teachers and support staff working with student on guided reading activities a structure for lessons and skills development activities.

Background – about Prospect North Primary School

Prospect North Primary School is an inner-metropolitan Reception-Year 7 school located in Prospect, Adelaide. The school serves a multicultural community with students coming from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds including India, Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia and Sudan.