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Meet the talented authors at Eleanor Curtain Publishing.

Alison DavisAlison Davis

Alison is well known and highly respected as a leading literacy researcher, writer, speaker and staff trainer. She is particularly well known for her research on reading comprehension, and leading initiatives focused on accelerating and sustaining improved levels of reading comprehension achievement. She has extensive experience working in Asia, Australia, the Middle East, New Zealand and the United States.


Susan HillSusan Hill

Susan is an Associate Professor at the University of South Australia where she teaches courses in early childhood education, early literacy and multi-literacies. She has written more than 20 books for teachers on literacy-related topics. For many years she has researched the area of early literacy development both in pre-school children and in the early primary school years.


Kath Murdoch

Kath is an experienced teacher, author, university lecturer and popular valued consultant who has worked for many years in schools throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the United States and Europe. She is widely respected for her work in the field of inquiry-based learning and integrative curriculum, in which she has taught, researched and published for well over 20 years. More information on Kath and her work can be found at www.kathmurdoch.com.au.

David Hornsby

David was with the Victorian Ministry of Education for 28 years and taught at every year level from Prep to Year 6. During that time, he also lectured at various tertiary institutions in Australia and around the world. More information on David and his work can be found at www.davidhornsby.com.au.

Brian Cambourne

Dr Brian Cambourne started his career by teaching for 15 years in a variety of small, mostly one-teacher schools. He has since become one of Australias most eminent researchers of literacy and learning. He was a post-doctoral Fellow at the Harvard Graduate School of Education; a Fulbright Scholar; Research Fellow at the Centre for Studies in Reading at the University of Illinois and Research Fellow at the Learning Centre at Tucson, Arizona. Brian’s major interest is in professional development for literacy education and he is committed to the idea of co-learning and co-researching with teachers.

Jan Turbill

Jan has been a classroom teacher, consultant and lecturer. For many years she was involved in professional development both in Australia and the United States. She is interested in the role that language plays in learning, particularly in teachers’ learning.

Marilyn Woolley

Marilyn has been a teacher for 34 years. During this time she has inspired children and teachers alike. She has been a curriculum consultant and coordinator and has developed a strong consultancy record both in Australia and overseas that involves evaluation and accreditation of courses, projects and training programs. She has also co-authored approximately 120 titles in both teacher reference and early literacy for children.

Keith Pigdon

Keith has written for children and for teachers, taught, lectured and been involved in using emerging technologies to teach. He has contributed to professional development work throughout Australia and the United States.

Peter Meaney

Peter lectures in Physical Education at RMIT in Melbourne. He has a masters degree in sports education from Manchester University and specialises in coaching and teaching a number of sports of which swimming is one of the most important to him. He is a chief instructor with the Royal Life Saving Society of Victoria and a course director for the Certificate in Aquatic Leadership, Education and Practice.

Sarie Culka

Sarie has a Diploma of Physical Education from the University of Melbourne. She has spent many years writing curriculum documents relating to the teaching of swimming in schools and is also a chairperson for the Examination and Awards Panel for the Royal Life Saving Society of Victoria.

Lesley Wing Jan

Lesley is a teacher, curriculum consultant and lecturer. She conducts professional learning programs for teachers locally and overseas and has a particular interest in literacy and language development.

Jeni Wilson

Jeni’s teaching and research focuses on curriculum and assessment that caters for a variety of learners’ needs. She works regularly in schools as an educational consultant and has presented her ideas nationally and internationally.

Julie Hamston

Julie has had many years experience as a classroom teacher and a lecturer, and she is the author of a range of books for children and teachers. Julie’s research focuses on issues of identity and difference and how we make and remake our identities through talk.

Jane O’Loughlin

Jane has taught children of all ages, from primary through to secondary. She is particularly interested in co-operative learning and literacy and has a Masters degree in these areas. She is a frequent contributor to professional journals and a provider of in-service courses for teachers.


Lee Anton-Hem

Lee taught Physical Education for 10 years and works as a consultant and lecturer, and as a presenter for key educational and sporting bodies. It is Lee’s aim to provide programs of excellence in physical and sport education to enhance children’s health and facilitate their desire to be lifelong activity seekers.

Garry Powell

Garry taught at many government primary and secondary schools for 32 years, and has watched his three children grow up. He has written several books and many booklets on physical education and recreational activities. His books focus on games seen and collected from school grounds and backyards over this period.

Gaelene Rowe

Gaelene is the author of many books in the area of reading, writing and curriculum. She has a Doctorate of Philosophy and served on the state executive of the Australian Literacy Educators’ Association (ALEA).

Liz Simon

Liz is a literacy consultant who divides her time between working with teachers in a professional training role and working with children in a classroom environment. She is a trained Reading Recovery tutor and has experience teaching in the UK.

Len Sparrow

Len has a wide range of experience in working with schools, teachers and children. He has a broad range of research interests and projects including relating to sensible use of calculators, strategies for mental mathematics, the use of materials in mathematics classrooms, professional development for teachers, beginning teachers of mathematics and everyday mathematics. He is interested in investigating teachers’ and children’s attitudes, anxieties and engagement with mathematics learning.

Paul Swan

Paul has written a wide range of resources for primary and middle school mathematics education. He has a Doctorate in Philosophy and his research interests include computational choice and fluency; mental computation; use of mathematics manipulative materials; literacy and numeracy links and children with learning difficulties in mathematics.

Rob Vingerhoets

Rob is an experienced and highly effective educator who has been a primary school principal, curriculum coordinator and classroom teacher. He has taught throughout Australia and, after returning from teaching in New York, has established his own educational consultancy business working with students, teachers, administration and parents, within individual schools and clusters of schools. More information on Rob and his work can be found at www.robvingerhoets.com.au.

  •  The Maths Workshop – A Program of Maths Activities for Upper Primary

Ann Baker

Ann is an educational consultant with a background in maths and literacy education. She specializes in working with teachers to maximize the potential of the children they teach in areas such as numeracy, literacy and thinking skills. Ann is a lecturer, researcher, advisor and author. She has worked in Australia and the UK.

  •  Raps and Rhymes and Maths with Johnny Baker

Johnny Baker

Johnny Baker is a maths consultant with a background in education. As well as consulting to business and universities in the fields of maths and computing, he is co-author of a number of works with Ann Baker.

  •  Raps and Rhymes and Maths with Ann Baker

Susan Wilks

Susan has developed training programs for teachers to improve thinking and dialogical skills in their students and these workshops have been used as models around Australia and internationally. Susan has worked extensively in the US.

  • Critical and Creative Thinking

Jenny Feely

Jenny Feely has more than 20 years’ experience in all areas of the primary school as a classroom teacher. She has undertaken many curriculum and professional development leadership roles in a range of schools and at a district level in the Victorian Department of Education. She now works full time as a professional writer and has been extensively published in the education market writing for both teachers and children. She has written many of the books in the AlphaLiteracy and Flying Start to Literacy series. She dreams of writing the ‘great novel’ but finds there are so many great things to write for kids and teachers that there is never time.

Lyn Reggett

Lyn began her teaching career in New Zealand where she taught mainly in primary schools, holding positions as Senior Teacher and an Assistant Principal. Lyn was one of the first Reading Recovery Tutors in New Zealand and set up Reading Recovery in the Otago region.

Following this she lectured at the Dunedin College of Education, specializing in English Curriculum and Early Years Education, and was the Director of Primary Teaching from 1995 to 1998. Over the next ten years Lyn worked as a consultant in schools P-6 in New York City, Seattle and San Diego. After moving to Melbourne she has supported schools in the Eastern Region and in the Barwon South Western Region, working as a coach as well as conducting professional development sessions.

Lyn has been associated with Eleanor Curtain Publishing since 2009, pursuing her interest in and passion for literacy teaching and learning, by working with a team to develop and produce high quality books for students and high quality teacher support material.

Kerrie Shanahan

Kerrie Shanahan has worked as a primary school classroom teacher and taught at the University of Melbourne. Kerrie has been working as a professional writer for well over ten years and has published works for both the trade and educational markets. She has written fiction and non-fiction books for children, including many of the books in the Flying Start to Literacy series. She has also written teacher resources in a wide range of areas, including integrated curriculum, spelling, literacy, reading comprehension, writing and maths.