Our Research

An active approach to research

Eleanor Curtain Publishing takes an active approach to research.

  • Ongoing access to the latest academic research, through consultants:
    • Susan Hill, Associate Professor in Early Childhood Education, University of South Australia. Read her blogs on the latest research and topical issues related to teaching early literacy.
    • Alison Davis, a leading literacy researcher and writer who is committed to supporting teacher learning.
  • Using practising teachers as authors such as Jenny Feely and Kerrie Shanahan, both of whom are experienced teachers and authors.
  • Trialling materials in schools during manuscript development.
  • Piloting new programs in our pilot schools once they’ve been published.

Key research findings

Some of the key research findings that underpin our early literacy publishing:

  • Key vocabulary needs to be controlled and introduced systematically.
  • High-frequency words should have a high rate of repetition.
  • A variety of text types enable the development of a range of reading strategies.
  • Text complexity should be carefully sequenced to build reading strategies.
  • Phonics and phonemic awareness need to be taught systematically and explicitly.
  • Fluency enhances comprehension.
  • Reading and writing are linked.
  • Assessment should be ongoing and should inform instruction.

For information about the specific application of the latest research findings to our early literacy programs: Flying Start to Literacy, Explorations Strategies for Comprehension for informative texts