Pilot Schools

Eleanor Curtain Publishing is currently working with three pilot schools as part of the research-based development of the literacy series, Flying Start to Literacy.

Balwyn Primary School

What schools say about Flying Start to Literacy

We love the Flying Start materials at our school. Some of our students were invited to read and talk about the books as they were being developed by the authors and editors. They love the chance to ‘converse’ with the editors, sharing their opinions and observations.
Helen Bettes, St Francis Xavier Primary School  

The Vocabulary Starters are a great platform for discussion, a great way to access prior knowledge. I’m also finding that they are a quick form of assessment. It helps me know who I have to support in terms of vocabulary.
Bek Clarke, Balwyn Primary School

Having paired books, fiction and non-fiction, is invaluable.  Students at the beginning reading stage do not get enough exposure to non-fiction texts and this program helps to address this.
Mal Cameron, Prospect North Primary School