St Francis Xavier Primary School

The teachers at St Francis Xavier have been part of the extensive trialling that takes place with all Flying Start to Literacy material. Helen Bettes, Literacy Coordinator, says:

We love the Flying Start materials at our school. Some of our students have been invited to read and talk about the books as they were developed by the authors and editors. They love the chance to ‘converse’ with the editors, sharing their opinions and observations.

The Prep – Year 2 teachers work extensively with the books during the focused teaching time. The books also form a core component of reading material used in Reading Recovery.  

Our kids are excited by the books they read – they laugh, they learn, they question and they make connections to the world in which they live. We find that they are ‘turned on’ to reading with the Flying Start materials. The teachers are inspired by the Lesson Plans which accompany the books – the Lesson Plans guide and focus the teaching, making it easy for our teachers to ‘unpack’ the power behind each title in the Flying Start series.

Background – about St Francis Xavier School

St Francis Xavier, a Prep 6 school with an enrolment of about 330 students, is located in Ballarat, Victoria.  The school prides itself on its large playing spaces and garden areas, including a cross-country track that has been established around a wetland area. The kitchen garden is nurtured using permaculture techniques and is tended by the students as part of the school’s environmental education program.