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Fundamental Motor Skills and Literacy


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Fundamental Motor Skills and Literacy is an innovative and engaging resource combining the teaching of critical formative skills in the areas of literacy and motor skill development. It uses entertaining rhymes and chants to create an integrated approach to learning. Four fundamental motor skills – run, catch, jump and kick – are covered. Each has rhymes that address various components of the skill. The rhymes are set to traditional melodies, with some original and some modified traditional rhymes included. They have been designed to be read, chanted or sung. Skill components are introduced in the recommended sequence of instruction. Teacher notes, key teaching points and safety information are all included, and all the shared reading activities, literacy activities and student worksheets for literacy sessions are related to the rhymes and physical activities. Included in this essential resource are two CDs, one containing audio tracks with rhymes and tunes, and another containing printable files for student worksheets.