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Each chapter in Growing up literate presents a research study that explores issues for teaching literacy in the early years in an Australian context.
The studies bridge theory and practice in order to strengthen pedagogies and professional learning. They challenge assumptions and beliefs about teaching and learning, and about the skills, achievements and literacy needs of Australian children in a diverse range of communities. The studies in Growing up literate highlight: • the importance of the years before school in giving children the best start to their literacy development
• current Australian early childhood literacy practices, as children transition from home to preschool and to school
• principles and practices that can stimulate and support more effective literacy education in the early years
• practices in response to the needs of children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds or those living in rural and remote locations.
With contributions by leading early literacy researchers, Growing up literate is an essential resource for the latest Australian research on early literacy learning. The researchers provide details of their studies as evidence of the contexts, concepts and teaching practices that will help build and extend young students’ literacy learning. The contributing authors include:• Caroline Barratt-Pugh • Mary Rohl • Andrea Nolan • Rhonda Smith • Christine Ure • Hamish Coates • Marion Meiers • Nicola Yelland • Caja Gilbert • Susan Hill • Rosemary Wallis • Deslea Konza • Noella Mackenzie • Patricia Bremner • Paul Molyneux • Renata Aliani • Trevor Cairney