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Literacy Activities for Small Groups is an invaluable
resource for teachers who want to manage a
differentiated literacy program. Managing a reading
program where you work directly with small groups
– as in guided reading – is challenging. You need
reading practices that allow you to work without
interruption with one group, while the rest of the
class is involved in relevant and carefully selected
activities in literacy learning centres.
Literacy Activities for Small Groups answers the
following questions:
• How do you organise the classroom for small
group work?
• How do you encourage children to learn
• What activities will help children to develop
their literacy?
The first chapter covers practical classroom issues
such as:
• using texts as the stimulus for focused teaching;
• providing relevant literacy activities;
• using a management task board;
• support strategies, assessment and grouping.
It also provides a sample four-week plan for getting
started that gives details of the strategies and
activities that could be used. The rest of the book provides a range of activities for emergent, early and fluent readers that will allow them to build on knowledge imparted during focused learning, and discover new concepts through active exploration and experimentation.