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Powerful Ideas: Establishing National Parks


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Powerful Ideas outlines the history and facts about some of the world’s most famous national parks, and how they were established. It recounts the stories of passionate environmentalists John Muir, and Myles and Milo Dunphy, who spent their lives campaigning to protect natural wilderness areas. It also explains how they shared their passion for nature and convinced others of the importance of creating national parks and protecting wilderness areas.

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Key Concepts:

• Influential people have campaigned to establish national parks all around the world, so that wilderness areas are protected • John Muir and the Dunphys spent their lives fighting to protect wilderness areas, and sharing their passion and knowledge about nature • The ideas of environmentalists and activists have inspired people and governments to establish national parks, and to change laws to protect the environment

Reading Strategies:

Using written text and visual information to order events chronologically



Supporting Materials:

Lesson Plan - Powerful Ideas: Establishing National Parks