About Us

Independent publisher of early literacy programs and teacher reference books

Eleanor Curtain Publishing (ECP) specialises in early literacy programs and teacher reference, with over 600 titles in print.

ECP is an award-winning independent publisher based in Australia and publishes for schools in Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, South Africa, UAE, Ireland and UK.

At the heart of ECP’s early literacy publishing is our commitment to students and teachers to provide engaging and relevant content that connects with their experiences.

Early literacy programs

ECP publishes three major early literacy programs. These are research-based and carefully levelled through field testing in schools.

Early Literacy

Teacher reference books

ECP has a wide range of teacher reference books that focus on all aspects of literacy as well as other curriculum areas including Physical Education.

Key teacher reference titles are:

Teacher Reference

Online resources

ECP provides a range of online resources to support our printed resources and to further inform and engage with teachers and schools.

Our Authors

Meet the talented authors at ECP.


ECP has ongoing access to the latest academic research through respected and valued consultants and our early literacy publishing is underpinned by current research findings. Find out about research

International publishing

ECP publishes for schools in Australia, Canada, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Ireland, UK, US, China and UAE. Our international publishing involves versioning content and language (English, French, Spanish) to suit the market.

Key partners

ECP partners with specialist educational publishers and distributors including:

  • Okapi Educational Publishing (US)
  • Edify (New Zealand)
  • Sundance Publishing (US)
  • Macmillan Education (Australia)
  • Scholastic (Canada)
  • Macmillan Boleswa (South Africa)
  • AgaWorld and Compass Media (Korea)